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JBI Helicopter Agricultural Spraying Service

Precision Aerial Agricultural Spraying

Agricultural SprayingThe Northeast's leading provider in Helicopter precision aerial agricultural spraying application, using state of the art, sub meter accuracy differential GPS and Using Bell 206 aircraft we can provide numerous options for agricultural spraying application in the timber, right of way, row crop and aquatic areas.

Using GPS swath guidance systems in all aircraft we can provide accurate agricultural spraying application. We have trained personnel and the equipment to provide applications for Herbicides, Aquatics, Granular Herbicide, Liquid Herbicide, Granular Larvicide, Liquid Larvicide, Aerial ignition, Fertilization and Seeding.

Our experienced team of agricultural spraying application professionals possess more than 25 years' combined experience working with individual growers, to working for towns, counties, states, and government level ( USFS ). Every member of our team is highly trained and certified to deliver optimal performance, safety and customer satisfaction. JBI Helicopters utilizes progressive, state-of- the-art technologies in all of its operations. Our cutting- edge aerial application capabilities are designed to deliver optimum performance, customer satisfaction and safety.

Rely on JBI Helicopter Services, for a safe, efficient and accurate aerial agricultural spraying applications. Fully insured, licensed, experienced, OAS/USFS carded Aircraft and Pilots.

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